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Unleash the power of improv with Kismet! We team up with schools, nonprofits, and diverse communities to spark creativity and connection. From boosting kids' confidence to turbocharging nonprofit teamwork, we're on a mission to spread laughter and collaboration. Break down barriers with our inclusive programs for people with disabilities and join us in a world where every "yes, and..." creates unforgettable moments. Get ready for a punch of joy and a whole lot of awesome—let's make magic happen together!

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Sample Workshops

We customize every workshop to meet the needs, expectations, and objectives of your group. We can work with any budget to find a solution that works for your team! Here are a few workshops that we've done in the past.



We've had the pleasure of collaborating with high school students, supporting them in perfecting their final projects. We've focused on refining their presentation skills, offering guidance on receiving both positive and constructive feedback, and, most importantly, fostering a supportive atmosphere where they can cheer each other on. Our aim is to break down fears surrounding public speaking and cultivate a warm, responsive community that encourages growth and confidence.



We're on a mission to spread the joy of improv in communities of adults with a variety of abilities and disabilities. Each week, we customize our workshops to cater to the unique needs of the group, considering abilities, mobilities, and cognitive strengths. Together, we focus on the power of "yes-and," honing in on active listening, and building skills that lead to pure, unbridled fun. Let's create memorable moments and laughter, tailored just for you!



Join us on a journey of collaboration and joy as we partner with nonprofit teams, infusing the power of applied improv into their work. Our space is your space, understanding the unique challenges of nonprofit endeavors. Through the magic of improv, we aim to cultivate collaboration, injecting a dose of joy into the often thankless but incredibly impactful work that you do. Let's create a positive space together where creativity and camaraderie thrive!



Discover the world of improv and theater with us! For K-12 students eager to delve into the art, we're here to teach you the ropes. From building essential theater skills to mastering the art of "yes-and" and honing teamwork, our friendly workshops are designed for everyone. Please note that our children's improv workshops are exclusively offered through school partnerships. 

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Let's team up and make magic happen! Share a bit about your organization by filling out this friendly form, and let's explore the exciting possibilities of partnership together. Prefer a chat? Reach out via phone or email, and we'll eagerly await your message. We can't wait to review your inquiry and connect with you soon!


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