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Master sharing focus and being heard.

  • 2 hr
  • Kismet Improv

About this Class

Learn to play well with others in our workshop focused on group scenes! Designed to prepare you for the upcoming house team auditions at Kismet Improv, this workshop is perfect for those looking to sharpen their ensemble skills and shine on stage. Key Tenets Covered: • Sharing and Taking Focus: Master the art of balancing focus within the group, ensuring everyone has their moment to shine. • Identifying and Following a Pattern: Learn to recognize and build on emerging patterns to create cohesive and engaging scenes. • Heightening: Discover techniques to escalate the stakes and intensity, keeping the audience captivated. • Stage Presence: Enhance your awareness and use of the stage to create visually dynamic scenes. • Supportive Play: Build strong scenes together, making each other look good and creating a collaborative environment. • Dynamic Relationships: Delve into the complexities of multiple character interactions and how they drive the scene forward. Who Can Join? This workshop is open to 2024 house team members or those who have completed Improv 201 at Kismet Improv. If you're ready to elevate your improv game and dazzle at auditions, this is the place to be! Instructor: Luke Bruneaux (he/him) Luke Bruneaux (he/him) has taught hundreds of improv and comedy students, specializing in both traditional and musical improv. He designs and leads Kismet's impactful corporate and school workshops, guiding performers of all levels to make dynamic and interesting choices by finding joy in making unexpected choices. In addition to his teaching, Luke manages Kismet's shows and artistic operations. With extensive experience in improv, music, and theatrical production, he trained in technical theatrical arts at the University of Pennsylvania and started his improv journey at iO Chicago, completing his training at ImprovBoston. Luke founded Kismet Improv in 2021. Since 2008, Luke has performed, directed, and produced live comedy, appearing most recently with Kismet's THE POP HEARTS, SLIGHTLY SUGGESTIBLE, and MARQUEE PLAYERS.

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We sponsor up to 25% of all class enrollments for scholarship and financial aid students. Scholarships are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. To request a scholarship or financial aid, please visit our scholarships page.

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About Kismet Improv


Kismet Improv brings live improv and sketch comedy to the great people of Pawtucket, R.I. every weekend. With a series of rotating shows, Kismet's commitment to keeping audiences rolling laughing has quickly made them a mainstay in Rhode Island's growing comedy hub. We also offer improv and comedy classes for all levels.

Our performers and teachers have trained nationwide. We proudly feature alumni from Second City, iO, Upright Citizens Brigade, ImprovBoston, Improv Asylum, Union Comedy, Wage House and the Providence Improv Guild. 

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