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Hilarious Halloween hysterics this weekend at Kismet!

This weekend, we've got THREE Halloween offerings to get you in the spooky spirit! These shows promise to be side-splitting, not-so-scary and never-before-seen - again or since!

We sat down with our three Halloween show producers Neal Leaheey, Brian Elliott, and Dan Costa to learn more about their shows, how they're different, and what kind of laughs and frights they'll be providing!

Learn a little bit more about our three Halloween offerings and reserve your tickets now!

Whatever Fate Decides

Friday, October 28 at 10 pm [$15 or FREE WITH ADMISSION TO HOUSE PARTY]

Neal Leaheey | Kismet Improv
Neal Leaheey, Host + Producer, "Whatever Fate Decides"

What is Whatever Fate Decides all about?

Whatever Fate Decides is about using Tarot and improv together to explore the questions and life of an invited guest live on stage. It involves a group of dedicated performers, a unique and chaotic Tarot deck, our shared connection to the unseen and the audience! (of course!) We create a deeper and more focused Tarot reading using the power of theatre together with the cards!

Who is performing?

A carefully honed, practiced mix of Kismet community professionals and experienced theatre artists along with an invited guest from the community who are willing to allow anything to happen on stage.

What will people find fun about Whatever Fate Decides?

Discovering that we're all more connected and have far more in common as human beings than we think. Also, that we all have a connection to the unseen and supernatural forces around us that is more present than people realize.

If someone likes ___________, they will like Whatever Fate Decides.

The Tarot, learning about people's dreams, hopes and fears, exploring how people are connected to each other, or the supernatural forces that work in the world around us.

Improvised Monster Movies

Saturday, October 29 at 8 pm [$15]

Brian Elliott | Kismet Improv
Brian Elliott, Host + Producer, "Improvised Monster Movies"

What is Improvised Monster Movies?

Our "Quadruple Creature Feature" has four talented performers who will each perform a one-person monster movie! They're playing every character, setting every scene, and scaring every villager. It's really cool to see a full story come together along with the larger-than-life characters & monsters the crew comes up with.

Who is performing these creature features?

Hosted by myself, Count Von Elliott, our four cast members are the super-talented Ayla Ahlquist, Brad Rohrer, Lys Campbell, and Tina Wolstencroft.

Or as I call them, Ayla Ahlwitch, Brad Horror, Lys Camphell, and Tina Werewolfstencroft!

What will people find fun about Improvised Monster Movies?

We'll be taking a lot of suggestions from the audience, so there's a lot of opportunity to be part of the night! The one-person performances have a chaotic & unpredictable energy to them. And our performers always pull it off with fantastic characters and a satisfying storyline to make something really unique!

If someone likes ___________, they will like this show.

Whether you like Halloween at its spookiest or if you like Halloween at its silliest, then Kismet is the place to be this Halloweekend.

The Haunted Halloween Talk Show


Dan Cost | Kismet Improv
Dan Cost, Host + Producer, "Haunted Halloween Talk Show"

What is The Haunted Halloween Talk Show all about?

The Haunted Halloween Talk Show is an homage to the late night talk show format, with a horror/ Halloween theme. There will be interviews with improvisers playing the role of classic monsters, a musical act and humorous fake commercials.

Who is performing in The Haunted Halloween Talkshow?

The main cast of the show is Dan Costa (David Deaderman The Host), Zach Ward (Frank Cohost), Lys Campbell (Wolfy Announcer) Kate Hardly (Band Leader). Our guests for the show will be: Tina Wolstencroft, Brian Elliott, Jj Lang, Paul Mooney, Gay Gillespie, Brian O Kaufman, Brian Weissman, Aidan King, Maria Prus Scorsone and Musical Guest Mariah Min.

What will people find fun or funny about The Haunted Halloween Talkshow?

The Talk Show format gives us a great template to put on an exciting show. Mix in the fun of a Halloween Show it becomes a real treat. The show has a mixture of sketch, improvisation, musical parody and audience engagement. We feel truly grateful to have some of the strongest performers in the area take part in it. This will be THE event of the Halloween Season.

If someone likes ___________, they will like this show.

If you are a fan of Campy Horror movies, What We Do In the Shadows, Comedy Bang Bang, The Larry Sanders Show and/or alternative comedy this will be a show that you need to see.

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