• Nicky Mariani-Wilson

The Empire Revue comes to Kismet Improv!

The Empire Revue is PSYCHED for our first show at our new home at Kismet Improv this Sunday! We are a full-tilt sketch comedy and variety show, hosted by local musician/storyteller Keith Munslow, bringing you comedy, original music, special guests, and general devilment!

Keith Munslow, director of The Empire Revue
Keith Munslow, host of The Empire Revue

Sunday's show is the ROCKTOBER SHOW! Keith will be your host as we feature all kinds of sketches and acts based on that theme!

Our sketch troupe, The Sparkling Beatniks, writes and performs all the material, including plenty of original live music. We're also featuring several special guests - singer Lisa Marie, comedian Nick Ortaloni, and Louis the Rock Guy from Apple Valley Minerals!

The Empire Revue is Brian Elliot, Dave Rabinow, Jimmy Sorel, Kate Sayles, Rachel Winslow, Russell Kellogg, Stuart Wilson, Tiffany Fenton and Tina Wolstencroft

Emcee: Keith Munslow

Stage Manager: Nicky Mariani-Wilson

The Band:

Keyboards/Vocals: Keith Munslow

Guitar: George Duseault

Bass: Joe Potenza

Drums: John Cot

New to the Empire Revue? Check out some of our sketches on YouTube!

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